[PATANI] : a Charming Multicultural Destination 3 Religious place
Pattani Provincial Central Mosque “The most beautiful mosque in Thailand.” / Lim Ko Niao Shrine / Chang Hai Temple. History of Luang Pu Thuat. The city of charming multicultural destination and history, The beauty of faith and the believe in religions. You can feel how glorious of the ancient southernmost town are plentiful of cultural, Natural marine resource and food with the local guides host.

[Yala] Betong : City of Mountains
Trekking the route to see 360° veiw point sunset, sunrise and sea of I-Yerweng mist. The city that located among the sea of mist hiding the story of multicultural. The stone mountain known as Gunung Silipat standing to challenging all adventurers to extreme riding 4WD and 8 km. Soft trek to reaching up to the top. Our local guides and team will take care of you, Get the best spot for waiting to see the milky way and million sky at night. See panorama view of the sunrise in early morning. Chill out in the nature, waterfall and BBQ party at the Tent Resort.

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